Boarding FAQ’s


AIRPORTS: Presentation of Mary Academy (“Academy”) is located approximately 45 minutes from Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts.  Our dormitory staff will provide students with transportation to and from Logan Airport upon the student’s arrival at the beginning of the school year and departure at the end of the school year, as well as before and after Christmas vacation.  On other occasions, the staff will assist the student in making transportation arrangements to/from the airport.

COLLEGE COUNSELING: The Academy combines an excellent academic program with an outstanding college counseling program to fully prepare its students to compete at the next level of education.  It has placed 100% of its graduating class into institutions of higher education, with recent graduates gaining acceptance at Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis College, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Tufts University, Vanderbilt University, and many other fine schools. 

COMPUTERS:  Boarding students are encouraged to bring their own laptop and printer to campus.  The residence hall has state of the art wireless Internet access.  As a supplement to the student’s own computer, the Academy’s library allows access to its bank of computers.

The school web site is  Parents and students are urged to check this site regularly for school information.

CAMPUS: The Academy is located in Methuen, Massachusetts, approximately 45 minutes from Boston and beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches.  Its sprawling campus includes facilities such as a gymnasium, cafeteria, nurse’s office, and a library/media center.  The dormitory is a separate building on campus.

CHORES: A sense of community is essential for a successful boarding experience.  Residential students share in a variety of experiences, including household chores.  Our staff will clean the common areas in the residence hall, to include the bathrooms and hallways.  Students are expected to maintain those areas and to clean their personal areas, as well as to complete assigned rotating chores, such as cleaning the dishes after a meal.

DINING: Students dine family style in the residence hall’s dining room, with the exception of lunch on school days. On school days, students may pack a lunch, or purchase lunch from the school’s cafeteria.

DRESS CODE:  The Academy mandates that its students wear uniforms, which are more fully described in the student handbook.  United Schools Association defrays the cost of uniforms for residents of the hall and assists them in ordering their uniforms.

MAIL: Please address all correspondence and package delivery to Presentation of Mary Academy, Residence Hall, 209 Lawrence Street, Methuen, Massachusetts, 01844, to the attention of the student.

NIGHTTIME HOURS: All students honor a nightly check in requirement:  On weekdays, all students must be checked in by 9:00 pm; during the weekend, freshmen and sophomores must check in by 11:00 pm; juniors and seniors must check in by 11:30 pm.

Students must be in their beds with lights out by 10:30 pm on school nights.  Students in need of more time to finish a homework assignment may ask permission for “late lights” in order to finish the assignment.  This privilege is not to be used unnecessarily.

SCHEDULE: The residence hall will close the day after the start of the school Christmas vacation and reopen on the Sunday immediately prior to the resumption of classes.  Students must vacate the residence hall during that time and make their own arrangements for housing.

  • The residence hall will close for the school year on the Saturday following the last day of classes.
  • The schedule for the school year will be posted on this website.

WEEKENDS: The Academy is located in the greater Boston area, which offers as many attractions as any city in America.  Museums, fine arts, professional sports, the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, mountain sports, historical attractions, and much more are nearby and easily accessible.  Our staff leads students on outings so that they fully experience American culture.

With their guardian’s consent, students may also follow a sign out procedure to leave campus on their own during weekends to explore Boston.  The area is served by subway, bus, and rail systems that are used extensively by its residents.

The sign out procedure also allows students to go on local weekend sleepovers at the homes of their new Academy friends.