The Application Process

Students may apply for study at Presentation of Mary for as little as one semester, for one year or for the entire course of high school education. To apply, each student should submit a package that includes:

• An application form

• A copy of the student’s transcript listing his/her grades

• One teacher and one head-of-school recommendation

• A profile form in which the student describes his/her goals in education

• Results from a standardized English proficiency test

• Proof of financial responsibility

• A copy of his/her passport


Please click here to download a copy of United Schools Association Application Checklist & Application Form.

Students are required to complete a Skype interview.


After preliminary acceptance by PMA, students will receive an acceptance letter. Students accepting the offer will then receive an enrollment package, which they will need to complete and return along with a monetary deposit. At that point, PMA will issue an I-20 form so that the student can apply for a United States F-1 student visa.


Early decision deadline is April 1st; after that, we accept students who meet our entry criteria only on a space available basis. We encourage your child to apply early, both to secure your priority consideration and to ensure the visa and other documentation are received on time. Please submit the completed student application forms and attachments by electronic mail to