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UN Day 2015

DSCN1737UN Day is an event students look forward to each year and it is easy to see why. Homerooms select various countries to represent on UN Day and decorate their homeroom door in homage to their selected regions. This year, students were colorfully dressed to symbolize the colors of the flag from countries such as Ireland, France,Czeckoslavakia, Italy, England, Wales, Spain, who won for the best decorated door, and many more.

Students attended classes in full dress, patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the last hour of school.  At 1:00 p.m.everyone gathered in the Dupre Center for UN Day Olympics…quite possibly the loudest hour of the entire school year.  Students from various grades challenged each other at games that required specialized skills, like Frozen Uniform:racing to put on a frozen-solid uniform over their own clothes and Dizzy Waitress: spinning around a softball bat several times and racing to the finish line.

The day, as a whole, encourages the student body to learn and celebrate different cultures, yet it also awakens the competitive spirit in all participants to win the Olympic gold for their grade.  UN Day is easily the loudest and one of the most memorable PMA traditions for our students.
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UN Day 2015