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Sophomore Guidance

“Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse and mobile society, new technologies, and expanding opportunities. To help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders, and citizens, every student needs support, guidance, and opportunities during adolescence, a time of rapid growth and change. Adolescents face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that impact academic achievement.” (American School Counseling Association)

  • Sophomore year is a time for students to focus on personal growth and academic achievement. Students are encouraged to expand extracurricular activities and explore leadership opportunities. The opportunities may be found in community service, clubs, athletics, fine arts, employment, and other areas of personal interest. The counselor/student/family relationship continues to grow during sophomore year as we meet with students to provide guidance, support, advocacy and encouragement.
  • PSAT—The PSAT is offered once every year in October. Sophomores will take this practice test. Students will receive a detailed report, which explains test scores. Students will also take this test again as Juniors.
  • Academic Planning—The School Counselor will meet with Sophomore students on an as needed basis to check in on their academic progress.  Classroom guidance sessions will include a review of study, goal setting, learning, and time management skills. Classes for Junior year will be selected in the Spring.
  • After School Help – All teachers offer after school help on a regular basis.  Students are encouraged to see their teachers after school whenever they have an academic issue.
  • Individual Counseling –   High school Sophomores face a variety of developmental issues. Students are deciding who they are, what they do well, and what they will do when they graduate. They are searching for a place to belong and rely on peer acceptance and feedback. They face increased pressures from a variety of areas. They need guidance in making decisions. They just sometimes need to talk.  The School Counselor is here to assist the student, and their families, with issues and questions they might have.
  • Career Exploration—Throughout the year the Sophomore School Counselor meets with students in a classroom setting to administer a variety of career and lifestyle development assessments. These tools will provide students with insights about themselves to help them identify their strengths and needs, and build a career plan based on their personal profile:  career-relevant interests, abilities, and job values to help individuals consider career options that are a good match for them.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Parker at or telephone number 978-682-9391 x 107.