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Presentation of Mary Academy is a Catholic, college-preparatory high school. The academic programs offered at the Academy are designed to cultivate the intellectual, emotional, creative, physical and aesthetic faculties of our students. Presentation of Mary Academy is a school that promotes “respect, support, and encouragement both in and out of the classroom and where the love of Christ is visible and evident.” The staff and faculty of Presentation of Mary Academy are committed to offering students a quality education, based on the values of Jesus Christ.

Each year, numerous applications for admission are received, making the acceptance process competitive and selective.

What can students expect from PMA?

You Can Be Yourself Here.

Students can be themselves at PMA, to discover or to develop what makes them special, what makes them them, whether that’s a passion for science, writing, athletics, math, language, theology, music, theatre, technology, or something wholly different. At PMA, you can be yourself.

Attend the College of Your Choice.

Prepared and poised for success, PMA students are consistently accepted into their first choice of college or university, with many offered significant scholarships.

Learn from the Very Best.

PMA faculty members are highly accomplished and expert educators, deeply experienced and caring mentors, and personally invested in each student maximizing their God-given potential while always maintaining a strong sense of self.

Experience a Collegiate Atmosphere.

PMA intentionally nurtures a college-like atmosphere where students can pursue academic excellence while experiencing independence, rewarding relationships with faculty, and an open and spirited exchange and exploration of ideas that prepares them for the approaching responsibilities of college and Life.

Participate in a Dynamic Classroom Environment.

PMA actively manages class sizes so that students can freely work one-on-one with faculty and each other in a safe, collaborative and dynamic classroom environment.

Find Your Voice.

PMA students methodically build and finely hone their writing and oratory skills, empowering them to be effective and persuasive communicators who can inform and inspire with words, both written and voiced.