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Steps for Completing the Presentation of Mary Online Application

Presentation of Mary Academy is a private, Catholic, college-preparatory high school serving 200 students. The academic programs offered at the Academy are designed to cultivate the intellectual, emotional, creative, physical and aesthetic faculties of our students. Each year, numerous applications for admission are received, making the acceptance process competitive and selective. Factors considered for admission are:

  • The Application
  • The Entrance Exam*
  • The Family Interview (optional)
  • The Transcript
  • Teacher and Administrator Recommendations

*Students currently in the eighth grade who will be entering ninth grade for the 2019-2020 school year are required to take the Entrance Exam (Class of 2023).

The Application

All candidates must complete the online application, which consists of a short answer section and an essay section.  To start this process, create a login below.

We are happy to accept paper application. They can be downloaded and printed on the Admissions Process and Application page.

The Entrance Exam

Students in the eighth grade must register for the Archdiocese of Boston High School Entrance Exam at Presentation of Mary Academy (or at any Archdiocesan Catholic High School). The exam will be administered on Saturday, November  3 and Saturday, December  1. Students choose one testing date only. The exam fee is $40.00. Students taking the exam at a test site other than Presentation of Mary Academy must request that test results be sent to the Academy. Test results will be mailed home to all students during the first week of January.

Students can register to take the exam on our website, or by phone 978-682-9391. The entrance exam represents only one of four important factors in our Admissions process. Test results are used as a tool to award scholarships and to determine initial course placement.

The Transcript

Candidates must complete the Request for Transcript Form. Applicants must also complete the top section of the Transcript Record Form. Both forms must be signed by a parent/guardian before being presented to the school that the student is currently attending.

Teacher and Administrator Recommendations

The applicant will provide an email address for the recommending teacher (must be a current teacher) and the recommending administrator (principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor). The recommending teacher and administrator will receive a secure form to fill out on the applicants behalf.  Applicants may request recommendations at any time and need not have finished their application.


The Family Interview

The family interview is an optional, yet encouraged, piece of the application. The family interview must be conducted with the applicant and at least one parent and can be scheduled at the family’s convenience. All interviews must be completed by December 14, 2018. Applicants must have submitted their portion of the PMA application prior to interviewing.

2023 APPLICATION DEADLINE – December 14, 2018

Because the acceptance process is competitive, accuracy and timeliness can become important factors. A candidate’s application is complete when his/her Entrance Exam scores (eighth graders only), transcript, standardized test scores, recommendations, and application have been received & their interview conducted. The Admissions Committee will review all applications.

Notifications will be made on January 29, 2019

Online Applications

Prior to beginning your online application please note that you will create a secure log in and may return to the form at any time.   The application consists of a student information, parent information, student questionnaire,  essay, and recommendation section.

Please note , we encourage all students to apply online, we are willing to accept paper applications. They can be downloaded and printed on the Admissions Process and Application page.


Applying online – please download and print our APPLICATION TRANSCRIPT FORM 1  and APPLICATION TRANSCRIPT REQUEST 2