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School Nurse

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and welcome you to Presentation Mary Academy.  My name is Carol Olive and I am the school nurse. I had the pleasure of working here last year with all the wonderful students from the surrounding area here at Presentation Mary Academy. The nurse’s office is located in Room 2-7 off the main foyer. My hours are 7:45 AM to 2:15 PM each day. As the school nurse I will administer first aid and emergency care to students and staff, provide counseling to students, families and staff, and educate students, families and staff about health problems, health care and self care.

Required Health Forms for 9th graders and new students are as follows:

  1. Physical Form   with TB Screening
  2. Health History Form
  3. Discretionary Medications Form

Required Health Forms for 10-12th graders are as follows:

  1. Health History Form
  2. Discretionary Medications Form

All Athletes required Health Forms are as follows:

  1. Physical Form
  2. Concussion Information Form
  3. Parent Athletic Permission Form- each season this must be renewed
  4. Concussion History Form

All students who require any medications at school other than the medications listed on the Discretionary Medications Form should have the following:

  1. Prescription and Non Prescription Authorization Forms
  2. Physician Plan of Care  for serious conditions such as diabetes, seizures, asthma and life threatening allergies.


As the school nurse, I will also administer over the counter medications during the school day only when necessary. The discretionary medication form needs to be filled out each year for physician approved over the counter medications here at school. If at any time during the school year your son/daughter requires any other medication not listed on that form during the school day, then please have the following:

  1. Signed physician prescription medication order. This will be needed for prescription medications and non prescription(over the counter) medications. Please see the form provided below labeled prescription and non prescription medication authorization
  2. Signed consent by a parent or guardian to give a medication. This includes both prescription medications and non prescription medications.

Short term antibiotics in a clearly labeled bottle from the pharmacy including the student’s name,  name of medication, the prescribing physician’s name, date ,dose, and frequency just need written consent from the parent/guardian.

All students who are prescribed an EpiPen or an Inhaler for life threatening allergies or asthma must have a physician’s order with a medical plan of care. The prescribed medication must be kept in the nurse’s office unless the health care provider and the school nurse approves and is therefore aware of self carry by the student. If a parent or guardian chooses not to send emergency medications to school, there must be a plan of care from a health care provider in case of emergency. All orders for seizure medications must be held in the nurse’s office with a physician’s order , a physician’s plan of care and consent from parent /guardian.

All prescription medications must be in a pharmacy labeled container that includes the student’s name, name and dose of the medication, physician’s name and current date. No more than a thirty day supply is allowed. Your pharmacy will provide a separate bottles for school and home. Non prescription medications must be in their original packaging.

No student will be allowed in school while taking any narcotics from surgery or dental procedures. The student may return to school once they are managed with non narcotic pain relievers.

No medication scheduled after early release will be administered unless requested in writing by the parent or guardian.

Students are not permitted to have medication in the classroom or on their person without a physician’s permission to self carry and without informing the school nurse.

All medications must be delivered directly to the school nurse by a responsible adult and picked up by a responsible adult. All expired medications will be tossed as well as medications not picked up by the last day of the school year. Medication will also be discarded ten days after the last dose ordered is complete. Thirty day supply maximum for prescriptions.


Physicals are required for all newly enrolled students and all 9th graders at PMA.

Physicals are also required yearly for all student athletes. A physical must be done within 13 months of the try out date. If a physical expires during the sports season, that student will no longer be eligible to participate until a new physical is done.

All physicals should include scoliosis screening, vision acuity screening, height and weight and all state mandated immunizations.


All students in Massachusetts must be successfully immunized against diphtheria,pertussis, tetanus, measles, polio, hepatitis B and varicella in order to start the school year. No exceptions.

SBIRT: Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Protocol

Massachusetts schools are required to include substance use and prevention screening.

The SBIRT protocol requires 1:1 conversation between the student and the school nurse to help prevent or at least delay the start of using harmful substances such as alcohol and marajuana. The program reinforces positive behaviors and healthy decisions. The conversation is private and nothing is recorded other than it was done. The goal is to promote health, safety and success in school. This screening is for 9th grade only at PMA.

Please call the nurse’s office with any changes in the condition of your daughter/son during the school year.  And of course feel free to call me with any questions during the school day.

Thank you,

Carol Olive

978-682-9391 ext 114

**For more information about sports requirements please visit the Athletics page.