Graduation 2016

Friday, May 27 the 55th Commencement Ceremony officially transformed the Class of 2016 from PMA students into PMA alumni.

The ceremony began with the graduates processing into the crowded Dupre Center, smiling at family and friends, as music to Pomp and Circumstance filled the air.  The graduates received their diplomas, graduation scholarships and awards, in addition to class awards.  Head of School, Mrs. Rose Maria DiFiore Redman, ’85 was the graduation speaker and delivered many words of advice and encouragement to the students sitting in front of her, who she has watched grow and develop over the past four years.

Honor Essayist, Douglas Anderson, Salutatorian, Lindsey Gill, and Valedictorian, Robert Pauley also addressed their classmates with heartfelt speeches filled with memories, emotion, honestly, and inspiration as one 4-year chapter of their lives ends; a new one will begin.

The class of 2016 applied to over 380 colleges and universities and was offered over 9.8 million dollars in scholarships and awards over a 4-year period.  Collectively, the class will receive 1.9 million dollars to attend the college or university of their choice. Impressive numbers for 48 graduates.

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PMA Cruise Day 2016

Friday the 13th is usually a daunting day but not this year at PMA.  The seniors celebrated their last day of classes on Friday, May 13 and PMA held it’s annual Cruise Day to say bonvoyage to the class of 2016 in serious nautical style.  At 12:00 the school gathered outside for a cookout, games, music, talent show….and legendary PMA dunk dank.   What a great sendoff for the senior class.

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10th Annual Spring Gala – Thank you

The 10th Annual Spring Gala and Legacy Auction was a great success.  We were able to raise over $40,000 for student programs and scholarships to assist deserving students and families for the 2016-17 school year.

We would like to extent a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers, donors, and event sponsors who truly made this event one to remember.

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Sarah and Caroline Hamilton: Mother and Daughter Award Recipients

IMG_1297PMA wants to congratulate Mrs. Sarah Previte Hamilton, ’81, Associate Director of Admissions, as the recipient of a Gold Presidential Service Award.  She was nominated by Debbie’s Treasure Chest for her countless hours of service and commitment to the community.
Sarah’s daughter, Caroline Hamilton, ’19 was also honored with a Susan Paul Sirkman 2015 Hero Award for inspiring greatness.
The mother and daughter pair were presented with their awards on Friday, December 11, by State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives. Also at the event were Mayor of Methuen, Steven Zanni, Mayor of Lawrence, Dan Rivera, and State Representative Linda Dean Campbell to help present the National Honor and Letter from President Obama along with federal, state and city citations.
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UN Day 2015

DSCN1737UN Day is an event students look forward to each year and it is easy to see why. Homerooms select various countries to represent on UN Day and decorate their homeroom door in homage to their selected regions. This year, students were colorfully dressed to symbolize the colors of the flag from countries such as Ireland, France,Czeckoslavakia, Italy, England, Wales, Spain, who won for the best decorated door, and many more.

Students attended classes in full dress, patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the last hour of school.  At 1:00 p.m.everyone gathered in the Dupre Center for UN Day Olympics…quite possibly the loudest hour of the entire school year.  Students from various grades challenged each other at games that required specialized skills, like Frozen Uniform:racing to put on a frozen-solid uniform over their own clothes and Dizzy Waitress: spinning around a softball bat several times and racing to the finish line.

The day, as a whole, encourages the student body to learn and celebrate different cultures, yet it also awakens the competitive spirit in all participants to win the Olympic gold for their grade.  UN Day is easily the loudest and one of the most memorable PMA traditions for our students.
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Pre-Calculus Estimation Project


Mrs. Frey’s Pre-Calculus class were grasping the concept of estimation through fun and unique ways. Last semester their project surrounded the principal of estimation.  It involved estimating the amount of candy corn enclosed in a class jar. Students Eryn McGuiness,’17,  Catie Griffin, ’16 and Henry Vargas, ’16, all came very close to the actual number of candy corn and were dubbed the winners of the challenge.
The project also included estimating the blades of grass outside in PMA quad area.  To achieve this the class counted the number of blades of grass in 1 square inch. Then they calculated the area of the quad (in square inches) and multiplied that by the average number of blades of grass in 1 square inch to estimate the total number of blades of grass.
This Pre-Calculus estimation project is another example that demonstrates how students flourish with hands-on learning.
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PMA Panthers Pink Out

Pink Out 1On Wednesday, October 7, the PMA Panthers held their 7th Annual “Pink Out” – a volleyball game dedicated to raising money for breast cancer. The team dressed in all pink uniforms and asked everyone who came to the game to also dress in pink.

The team charged a small admission fee, sold food and had a 50/50 raffle to raise funds during the game.

On Friday, October 9, PMA held its own school-wide pink dress down day and the money was given to the volleyball team to add to the funds already raised. But they didn’t stop there…. On Tuesday, October 13, the volleyball team held a second Pink Out game to raise more funds for this cause. Between both “Pink Out” volleyball games and the dress down day, PMA was able to raise over $xxx.

The money will be donated to support Breast Cancer research and also to the Anne Shields Memorial Scholarship Fund. Anne Shields was a teacher at PMA for many years and lost her battle with cancer eight years ago. The “Pink Out” helped the volleyball team pay tribute to her memory and honor those who battle this disease every day.

PMA Panthers are proud to “think pink” and encourage everyone to “Pink Out” in support of breast cancer research.

Open Mic Night

Open Mic 1On Thursday night, October 1, students gathered together in a crowded PMA library for our annual Open Mic Night. This student council driven event gives students a chance to express their creative side through music, poetry and song. A side to students we don’t often get to see until an event like this.

Some students over-came shyness and stage-freight to perform, while others charged to the front of the audience without hesitation or fear. Each act allowed us to see the raw talent of our student body.

Students, parents and teachers alike cheered from their seats, amazed and impressed with the composure, courage and skills that each performer exhibited. For everyone who share their talents with us, thank you for an inspiring evening.