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To all of our students, we miss you!   Check out our special video message to each of you.



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PMA Student Spotlight

Randy Ovalles is not your average high school sophomore. Most kids are begging for 5 more minutes of sleep when Randy is already out the door.

He begins his day at Church for morning prayer from 5 am -7 am as part of the worship team. From there, this PMA schedule is full of honors classes where he brings his positive attitude, cheerful smile, and inquisitive to the classroom.  

When the 2:00 pm bell rings, most are ready to call it a day.  Not Randy. It’s time for sports— soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring! (Last season his time was 6-0 and he scored the winning run of the final game!  Obviously, Randy is learning a lot about time management. In between studying and preparing for classes, he finds time for his music. A self-taught passion since

the age of three, Randy plays the drums, the piano, and the guitar as part of PMA’s music ministry.  As a freshman, he volunteered to run the soundboard for PMA’s play, musical, and cabaret, This summer Randy found a free sound design course that helped him improve his technical skill. With the focus and discipline that Randy brings to his day, undoubtedly, he will excel when he pursues a college degree in criminal justice, service in the military, and a career in law enforcement.

PMA National Spanish Exam Medal Winners

Congratulations to 12 students who attained national recognition for
 excellent performance on the 2019 National Spanish Examinations.
Students from PMA earned a total of  2 gold, 7 silver, 3 bronze medals.

In addition to the medal winners, 11 students were also awarded with honorable mentions.Students from PMA have a long history of high achievement on these exams and were taught by Spanish teachers, Mrs. LLerena and Mrs. Giannantionio.

A Great Season for the PMA Softball Team 

The PMA Softball team was named the CAC League Title Winners and was in the running for the in MIAA Softball Tournament  championship.

Their quest for the MIAA Championship came to a close on Saturday, June 8 with a loss to Latin Academy in the state finals.

This was a remarkable season and PMA is so proud of how far the team came.


Student Athlete, Liliana Foucault, ’19

Tuesday, April 9, PMA senior Liliana Foucault was one of 21-local  high school students recognized by the Lawrence Eagle Tribune at the third annual Eagle-Tribune Student Athlete Awards.
These awards are to recognize great students who are also incredible athletes, which Liliana is both.
Liliana’s favorite sport is volleyball because, “it is so fun and thrilling” for her but her favorite PMA sports memory is when she qualified for states in Spring Track during her freshman year.just a few weeks from graduation, if Liliana could give her freshman-self any advice it would be to be less self-conscious and not to be afraid of other people and what they think, she remarks”it’s not going to be pretty but you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.”
Liliana is such a well-rounded student and we have been lucky to watch her grow and develop over the past four years.

Dedication of Frederick Hall

IMG_4049 (1)The life and legacy of the late Sr. Susan Frederick, p.m. former President of the Academy will be honored Monday, February 4, 2019, during the Blessed Ann Marie Rivier Awards ceremony at Presentation of Mary Academy. The ceremony will formally acknowledge the naming of the old library/ hall to Frederick Hall. A plaque and portrait recognizing Sr. Susan’s tenure at the Academy will be unveiled. “This is an extremely fitting honor for Sr. Susan Frederick who led us through some difficult times. She was instrumental in transforming PMA into a coed school and under her leadership the “Discover You” tagline was adopted,” shared Rose Maria Redman, Head of School. Sr. Susan Frederick was President at the Academy from November

of 2003 until the fall of 2011, when she was asked to join the General Council of the Sisters
of Presentation of Mary in Rome. In the fall of 2016, she returned to Methuen after a fighting her long battle with cancer. She passed away on December 15, 2016. “Frederick Hall will now stand for decades as a testament to the passion and leadership that Sr. Susan Frederick brought to campus each and every day,” commented Redman. Frederick Hall’s main purpose will be a student gathering space both during and after school. It also houses the school store, Campus Ministry Office, and Library.

IMG_4937   Coding at PMA

The Concord Consortium came to PMA and taught Computing with R for Mathematical Modeling, a coding class, to sophomore and juniors.
The mission of the Concord Consortium is “to ignite large-scale improvements in teaching and learning through technology.”  In an effort to do this they applied and earned a large grant from the National Science Foundation to seek ways to seamlessly build computational thinking in high school curriculum as a way to prepare students for the future. Their logic being since computer science classes are not available in most high schools, they wanted to find a way to integrate computational thinking into existing high school courses, starting with coding classes, which they believe is the wave of the future.
At a workshop hosted by the Association of Teachers of the Mathematics in Massachusetts (ATMIM) Math Department chair, Mr. Anthony Cappabianca reached out and expressed an interest that PMA would be interested in hosting the Concord Consortium and bring coding to PMA. For three weeks, Kenia Wiedemann and Jie Chao,  representatives from the Concord Consortium integrated their program into Mrs. Roy’s Algebra II class. Wiedemann and Chao taught the students about mathematical modeling, what it is, and possible professions.  At the end of Each student created his/her own unique codes using a software program called R Studio to plot graphs based on various projects.
Mrs. Roy commented, “Students are very engaged using technology in a way that they are typically not used to. They are working collaboratively in groups to brainstorm ideas but have their own unique piece based on their personal eating preferences. I think this is beneficial to use technology in a meaningful/practical way to today’s 21st classrooms.”
Junior, Emmanuel Reynoso, really enjoyed the CodeR4Math classes because “it introduced me to the world of coding when I would have normally never been exposed to it without prior interest. Unless you already wanted to go into coding for a career, there is no real way to know about the world of coding.”  He feels that this class can raise a new generation of coders who never knew they had an interest in the topic.

Charism t-shirt staffThe Charisms of Anne Marie Rivier

PMA students  have been shaped and formed by the charisms of perseverance, faith, compassion, and zeal for the past 60 years. But this year, PMA is taking these charisms to a whole new level.
These gifts of the Holy Spirit are derived from Blessed Anne Marie Rivier, foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, PMA annually recognizes these charisms through the Mother Rivier Awards, a ceremony where students, nominated by their peers, receive awards based on these qualities. But things will be bigger and better during the 2018-2019 school year.
 Each grade will be assigned one charism. Freshmen have perseverance, because they will learn to persevere as they embark on their new high school journey. Sophomores have faith and will live their faith throughout the year.
Juniors, with the help of their Theology teacher Mr. Bishop will explore new ways to show compassion, and the seniors, who are finishing strong at PMA, have zeal. The kick off to charism began on September 14, when all teachers and staff were adorned in t-shirts representing the charisms from each grade level. There will be month-long activities through which each grade will live out each charism. For the month of September, Head of School, Rose Maria Redman, challenged the students to come up with a theme song to represent their chosen charism. They must also decorate their hallways and are asked to brainstorm ideas how we can institute monthly challenges amongst the grades to initiate some friendly competition. PMA students said they liked the idea of each grade embodying a particular charism. “Perseverance means to be persistent with what you love and stay motivated even through things you don’t like. I will do my best to persevere through both the good times and the bad,” said Alexandra Chase, a freshman. Her classmate, Veronica Ortega, agreed. “Even if the tasks or assignments are difficult you need to persevere through all of the classes and homework to do the best you can,” she said. Brady Quinn, a senior and captain of the boys’ soccer team, already plans on “living out his senior year by taking his zeal from the classroom to the soccer field.” And Nathalie Garcia, Student Council President, thinks living the charisms is a great idea and cannot wait for the school-wide competitions. Zeal, she said, was a great choice for her class. “For my senior year the charism of zeal calls me to look beyond the stress and fully enjoy my final year at PMA. I will be zealous in classroom discussions as well as outside of the classroom in extracurricular activities in student council, basketball and softball,” she said. At Presentation of Mary Academy, we live and breathe Blessed Anne Marie Rivier every day through our mission and are reminded of her through paintings hung on our walls. But this year-long journey is a fun and active way for her charisms to come alive in the souls of our students and for them to see, first hand, how important living with perseverance, faith, compassion, and zeal really is.

60th picPMA Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 was PMA’s first day of school and also marked our 60th Anniversary.  60-years ago, to the day, September 4, 1958 PMA opened its doors to our very first class of students. To commemorate our diamond anniversary and the 60th first day of school, PMA held a prayer service, led by Rose Maria Redman, Head of School.  All students attended, plus the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, who share the campus with the Academy.  Many of the Sisters have worked and taught at the Academy over the past six decades and we would not be a school without their dedicated service and commitment to education.

steve stankus PMA

Forming the Future: Service of athletic director celebrated at Presentation of Mary Academy

By Mark Labbe Pilot Staff
Posted: 5/18/2018

METHUEN — Presentation of Mary Academy (PMA) in Methuen, a co-education Catholic high school, offers students an impressive number of interscholastic and intramural sports. Both a member of the Commonwealth Athletic Conference (CAC) and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), its teams and athletes have consistently received recognition for high performance on the field. Athletics are certainly an integral part of PMA culture.

That might be, in part, due to the dedication and leadership of longtime PMA social studies teacher and athletic director Stephen Stankus, though he wouldn’t admit it.

Stankus began teaching at PMA fresh out of college, back in 1970. The school was new then, having been formed only 12 years earlier in 1958, and was at that time an all girl’s school.

There wasn’t much in the way of sports back then, Stankus acknowledged to The Pilot in a May 11 interview. He mentioned a basketball team that had started possibly “three or four years” before he started teaching, but other examples were few.

With a small staff and student body, Stankus immediately began serving as a faculty advisor for the team, mostly carrying out the “volunteerish” position by filling out paperwork.

Only two or three years later, he was asked to coach the junior varsity basketball team. He hadn’t done a lot with sports in high school or college himself, but agreed to coach the team. Stankus found he liked coaching, and the students seemed to like him, and his career in PMA athletics had begun.

Stankus coached the JV basketball team for the next 10 years, and then coached the varsity team for 10 years after that. During that time, the school added new sports, including volleyball and softball, and Stankus also signed on to coach varsity softball in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Soccer, track and field, and cross country would also be added in that time period.

Summing it up simply, he said “Basically, I got into the sports in the ’70s, and then softball came in the ’80s, and I’ve pretty much been associated with some sport since then.”

It was also during that time period that Stankus said he “semi-officially” began working as athletic director, and eventually officially served in the position for the past 20 years. The school became co-education in 2010, and added in boys’ sports during the time.

As athletic director, Stankus said, he goes to league meetings, coordinates buses and travel for away games, works with officials, serves as the contact person for the Commonwealth Conference, and handles some of the business side of things, too.

In spite of his many responsibilities as athletic director, Stankus has maintained his teaching schedule, even adding in more advanced history and social studies courses to offer students. He loves what he does, he said, but “step by step by step” his responsibilities have started to become unmanageable.

As a result, Stankus will step down as athletic director at the end of this school year. He’ll remain on as a teacher, and will try to attend as many games as possible, he said, but the school is already looking for a replacement and he won’t be nearly as active in sports as he once was.

When asked if he believes he helped create PMA’s current athletic program, he said he more thinks of himself as a member of a team.

“I just see me as kind of like a background person, that will make sure the schedules are all set and the communication is all done and the officials are all lined up,” he said. “I help, I help.”

Rose Maria Redman, PMA Head of School, told The Pilot April 27 that Stankus is “probably one of the most incredible teachers and coaches you’d ever meet.”

A member of the PMA class of 1985, Redman said she actually had Stankus as both a teacher and a basketball coach.

“He’s always been able to relate to his students, and has always been able to motivate them,” she said.

Stankus will be missed as athletic director, she said, adding that she is happy he is continuing to stay on as a teacher.

“He is professional, he is honest, he is kind, he is the epitome of a Catholic educator,” she said. Stankus “puts his students before anyone else.”

ribbon cutting1

PMA Celebrates Renovation Completion with Ribbon Cutting

Presentation of Mary Academy (PMA) held a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the newly transformed atrium style entrance and updated foyer and offices, improving the overall layout, functionality,  and accessibility of the spaces.
In June PMA held a groundbreaking to begin construction of these spaces. The school is housed on the grounds of the late Edward F. Searles and the section that was renovated was his former carriage house constructed in the late 1800’s. The Sisters of the Presentation purchased the property and opened the Academy in 1958.  The time had come to commit to a complete renovation.

In addition to adding an updated entrance, providing accessibility with a handicapped ramp and automatic doors making the front of the building completely accessible, additions such a lift and an accessible bathroom were also added.   The glass enclosed atrium offers a spacious waiting area and the foyer, classrooms, and several offices were moved and renovated including the main office, Head of School and Guidance department.
This is a very exciting day, said Rose Maria DiFiore Redman, ’85, Head of School. It was not an easy process but our community was committed to improving the security and safety of our students and staff. This added much needed accessibility to the Historic Carriage House section of the school.  Improvements made will impact students’ lives for years to come.

PMA Students Live the Mission

simon and donna
Simon Rodriguez, ’18 with Donna Parker, Head of Guidance

Presentation of Mary Academy provides a quality education that seeks to integrate Catholic beliefs and values with academic excellence, thus empowering young women and men to assume roles of leadership and service to family, Church and community.”  This is the Academy’s mission and we are thrilled to see it come to life in the hearts and lives of our students. Simon Rodriguez, a senior at Presentation of Mary Academy (PMA), has always dreamed of majoring in Computer Science at a top university.  However, he never thought it possible until he attended Presentation of Mary Academy.


PMA asks students to give more of themselves each day, staying true to the school’s motto, “Discover You.” PMA inspires a culture of learning and growth by combining a quality education centered around Catholic values and encouraging leadership and service.

Simon attributes this philosophy as the driving force behind his path to success and his personal growth.  Through his membership in PMA’s National Honor Society and Interact Club, he has developed a passion for community service.  He is an active participant in the school community and always volunteers at PMA-sponsored events and activities.

The greatest gift he has received while at PMA was an opportunity this past summer to participate in the Summer Scholars Program at the University of Notre Dame. Each year, the university selects only 30% of global applicants to participate in this academically competitive program.  Students live in the dormitories, attend classes, and participate fully in the culture of Notre Dame.   Each student selects a research track to study during his/her stay. Simon chose Research Computing, which is dedicated to learning how computers are applied to solve the most complex of world problems and how they fuel discovery in the science field.

While there, Simon traveled to Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois to learn about Mira, the ninth-most powerful supercomputer in the world, and Argonne’s future projects. According to Simon, “ this was a truly humbling experience to be invited to one of the most famous schools in the United States…and through the hard work of the wonderful staff at Presentation of Mary Academy, I was presented a scholarship to attend the program absolutely free of charge.”

The connections Simon made at the University of Notre Dame have enabled him to form a network full of ample opportunities, rare for a student of his age. Scott Hampton, PhD of the Information Technology Center of the University of Notre Dame states, “Simon was…very engaged and very bright, a good programmer in his own right.  He has the capability to be successful and would certainly add value to the student body if he chooses to attend Notre Dame.”

Simon is not the first student from PMA to be affiliated with Notre Dame.  Jinelfry Rodriquez, ’15 and Sebastian Lopez, ’15,  were accepted to the University of Notre Dame, class of 2019. Jinelfry is currently studying Psychology and Sebastian is a Political Science major.

Before entering high school, it was difficult for Simon to see his unique talents and gifts.  He did not perceive how his actions could make a difference in the world.  Throughout his time at PMA, that has changed,  “…my teachers, counselors, family, and friends saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself. That experience allowed me to blossom in high school to a degree that I never thought I could achieve.”

It is wonderful to see so many students embody the mission of PMA and give selflessly of themselves as they learn the importance of leadership and service.

PMA Broke Ground:

Construction Begins Transforming

the Main School Entrance


Tuesday, June 27, PMA broke ground to begin the process of transforming the front of the school into an atrium style entrance, improving the overall layout, functionality and accessibility.

PMA is located on the historic grounds of millionaire Edward F. Searles, best known locally for his stone-walls located throughout Methuen, MA, Salem, NH and Windham, NH.


The main entrance of PMA was Mr. Searles former carriage house built in the late the late 1800’s.  PMA opened its doors to the first students in 1958 and time has come to commit to a complete renovation and yet still respect the historic structure where the school was established.

Former parent, Mr. Angelo Petrozzelli, owner of Design Partnership Architects, Inc, of Haverhill, MA has been working with PMA for the past two years, developing plans to help PMA create a vision and now will turn this vision into a reality with the help of CBC Construction. The goal is for the construction to take place during the summer and be complete early fall.

This is a very exciting time, said Rose Maria DiFiore Redman, ’85, Head of school,  I have been working at PMA for 28 years, as a teacher, Assistant Principal. Principal and now Head of School. During my time here, I have witnessed many changes, including the building of the Dupre Center in 2002, becoming a co-ed institution in 2011, creating a dorm in 2012 housing international students from 11 different countries, and now this. Change is very exciting and I cannot think of anyone who embraces the challenge and exhilaration of change as much as PMA.  

The cost for renovations is projected to be $750,000.  PMA launched their Discover the Potential Capital Campaign, with the goal of raising $1 million at their annual Legacy Gala and Auction Evening on March 31, to fund this project and increase endowments for future student scholarships.

The 2017-2020 Capital Campaign needs to raise $1 Million for the renovation and build our endowment.

Will you be a part of PMA’s future?

A gift of any amount is appreciated. Please consider your gift today to be part of PMA’s continued legacy. We count on you to continue to allow students to discover themselves at PMA.

Make a gift securely online with a PayPal account or credit card below

or mail your donation to: PMA/Development Office /209 Lawrence Street, Methuen, MA 01844

BRICKS – You can purchase an 8 x 8 brick for $1,000 or a 8 x 4 brick for $500 to cement your legacy into the new PMA Walkway.

For more information please contact the Development Office at 978-682-9391 x 115 or email laurahajjar@pmamethuen.org


Young Writer: Kephirah Pierre, ’19kephirah

After hearing about the North Shore Young Writers Conference from two mainstays of the English department, Mrs. Zygmont and Mrs. Viscosi, Kephirah Pierre, ’19, decided to enroll in this two-day conference.  She spent February 3rd and 4th at the Waring school in Beverly, MA and was immersed in days of writing.
 While in this program, Kephirah was assigned to different groups, such as fiction, poetry, and did activities such as collaborative writing where the participants would write a poem in groups.  At the end of the conference she was able to present her work in front of the crowd and showcase her writing talents.

The attendees of this conference have the opportunity to submit their writing for publication in the Lupine Literary Journal, which is an literary issue that features the works of students throughout the greater Boston area. Kephirah is featured twice in the LLJ Vol.2 Issue 2 published on Tuesday, March 28, first with her original poem,
“Ribbons of Gold” and second with her collaborative poem,
“Like a Platypus.”
Kephiria’s future goals are to become an author so the North Shore Young Writers Conference was a step in the right direction.  She recommends this conference to any aspiring writer because you will get to interact with other young writers as well as meet experienced authors and poets.

Project Pocketbook


pocketbook2Project Pocketbook” is a service project for the community started by two PMA Alumni, Yadira Cruz pocketbook1Valdez, ’02 and classmate, Sylvia Martinez, ’02.   They collect gently used pocketbooks and fill them with everyday essentials and toiletries.  These filled pocketbooks are given to local agencies who distribute them to women in need. PMA was excited about “Project Pocketbook” and did what we could to help.  We donated 50 filled pocketbooks and donated another 30 to this cause.

PMA Coat Drive

coat-driveOn Wednesday, November 9, seven PMA students went to Lazarus House in Lawrence to donate needed clothing.  Over the month of October, as part of its Works of Mercy initiative, PMA emphasized the Corporal Work of Mercy, Clothe the Naked and collected gently used coats to be donated for those in need.  The group went after school and organized the coats and placed them on hangers.  It was a wonderful hands on experience of charity for the students and the first of many more opportunities sponsored by the Panther P.A.W.S. (Promoting an Affirming and Welcoming Society) club which was inspired from PMA’s previous club, Rachel’s Challenge.

 Shining Star: Nathalie Garcia, ’19

garciaPMA sophomore, Nathalie Garcia is an outgoing student who is an active member of the PMA community.  Since 7th grade, Nathalie has been involved with the NDignite Connection program from the University of Notre Dame after recommendations from her former teachers and principal.  Nathalie states “…It is one of the best opportunities I have been presented with.”
Through this program she worked with a group of UND students carrying out their summer service hours in Lawrence, and helped develop a youth empowerment blog that was later presented to predominant figureheads in the community, from teachers to politicians.  She was even presented with an award by Mayor Rivera but Nathalie is quick

to say that the award wasn’t the most valuable thing  she took with her from this experience.  “It was a new awareness of the fact that the only people who can and will bring
 positive change to my community are me and my peers. Since then it has been a goal of mine to lead a successful life so that I can come back and contribute to my city.”
UND also flew Nathalie and her mother to their campus in Indiana to spend a weekend at Notre Dame.   She got a feel for curriculum and life at Notre Dame and saw firsthand how it was a positive atmosphere because the people were are all dedicated to bettering their communities.
 This program also presented Nathalie opportunities to express herself through writing:  one of her passions.   NDignite organizes creative writing and photography competitions for the summer, and she was selected the winner in her category for two years in a row.  Last summer she submitted a winning  short story and this past summer, she submitted a free verse poem entitled “Capture It.”  The theme of the writing entries was “If I Were President,” but since politics is not her favorite topic, she decided to focus on self-expression.
 Now, as  a high school sophomore,  Nathalie is officially a NDignite Alum but she still stays in contact with her friends at Notre Dame and will forever be grateful for the opportunities this program presented her with.

The 2016 Cross Country Team at the Feast of the Three Saints Road Race

road race1

Our students love being a part of the local community.  On Saturday, September 2 PMA’s Cross Country Team competed in the third annual Feast of the Three Saints Run For Scholars Road Race. Proceeds from this race will go towards St. Alfio Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded annually to area high school students,  entering college.  Four PMA runners placed in their divisions, Sam Mather, ’19, Emma Powell, ’19, Shakira Henriquez, ’18, and Elaina Latino, ’20.

PMA Students and Staff Honored

rotary 16The Rotary Club of Methuen honored outstanding students and teachers at their 6th Annual Celebration of Achievement, on Tuesday, April 12    Long time Spanish teacher, Mrs. Giannantonio was named Methuen Rotary’s PMA Teacher of the Year.  Robert Pauley,’16, received a Rotary College Scholarship and Angela Walukevich, ’17 was chosen PMA Student of the Year.    They are pictured at the ceremony with PMA Head of School, Mrs. Rose Maria Redman and Guidance Counselor, Judy Winters.


IMG_1327 ronnie st peterCAC Basketball All Stars

Jodi-Ann Simmonds Brown, ’16 and Camille Holleran, ’17 were and Ronnie St. Peter, ’18 were named CAC All-Stars for Basketball.
 Al l three students were selected as All-Stars by a combined vote of all the coaches in the Commonwealth Athletic Conference league. They were awarded their plaques at  luncheon banquets held for the CAC All-Star winners.
There were 24 All-Stars named  in total from the 144 players in the league.   We are honored that three were chosen from PMA.

Mrs. Jane Danahy Foss, 97, William A. MacNeil Award Winner

jane and rose

Mrs. Jane Danahy Foss, ’97, Director of Admissions, was named the 2016 William A. MacNeil Award winner by ACCAP of New England (Association of Catholic Admissions and Advancement Professions).  The William A, MacNeil Award is  “presented to a current member of ACAAP whose contribution to a member organization(s) and/or to the profession encompassed by the membership reflect honor on ACAAP, its mission and its purpose. The recipient will have served in the advancement or admissions profession for a reasonable length

of time and be honored for a pattern of service and performance rather than for unusual success in a single event. The award honors William MacNeill, the first President of the New England Association of Catholic Development Officers (NEACDO) for his 30+-year commitment to Catholic school advancement and for the inspirational example of leadership and knowledge he has embodied to all in the profession.” She received her award on Thursday, March 10 at the ACAAP Spring Conference.

Marie Rivier Award Winners


The Mother Rivier Awards are special to the PMA community because they are awards given to the students by their peers.  Classmates nominate who they feel exemplify characteristics of Marie Rivier, the woman Apostle who founded the order of the Sisters of Presentation of Mary.
The students were nominated in the following four categories:

Compassion and Service: This student is willing to help and be attentive to the needs of others.
Perseverance:  This student has shown perseverance in the face of difficulties and has been an inspiration to others.

Zeal: This student strives to live what PMA is all about, learning, excellence, service, and pride in our school.

Faith and Prayer: This student helps others by the way he/she lives his or her Faith and relies on God.

Joshua Dionne,  ’16:

Kiwanis Club Scholarship Recipient

josh scholarshipJoshua Dionne, ’16 of Salem, NH was recently honored with the Citizenship Award by the Greater Lawrence Kiwanis Club. Joshua was honored during a luncheon meeting at the Lanam Club on Thursday, December 3. This award is given to a college-bound high school senior who has worked to make his/her community a better place. The recipient must also must have outstanding academic achievement.
As an active member of student council, cross country, interact, yearbook, select chorus,

drama, track, and a member of the Tri-M Honor Society, Josh works hard to make PMA a better place and always with a smile on his face.  We can see why he was chosen for this award. Congratulations, Josh.  We are proud of you and your accomplishment!

 National Honor Society Induction


On Thursday, October 29, PMA conducted the annual Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Thirty students were inducted into the school’s various honor societies: National Honor Society, Societe Honoraire de Francais (French Honor Society), Tri-M (Modern Music Masters), and for the first time this year, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society). The induction was led by the NHS officers, and concluded with a musical performance by Tri-M. We are very proud of all the students who were inducted, as well as the current members of these Honor Societies.

Overcoming the pain

Henriquez adjusts to sport, now one of CAC’s elite
 On Cross Country, Dave Dyer
Eagle Tribune
Posted: Monday, October 12, 2015 1:00 am
Shakira Henriquez - Photo by Ryan Hutton
Photo by Ryan Hutton

The adjustment period is well behind Shakira Henriquez.

Last year as a freshman at Presentation of Mary, Henriquez decided to go out for cross country without really knowing what to expect. She just knew that it might work out for her.

“I’ve always been busy with sports and I wasn’t interested in soccer or volleyball,” said Henriquez, a resident of Lawrence. “I used to run track in middle school so I thought I’d give it (cross country) a try.”

Henriquez quickly found out that there is a big difference between track and cross country.

“The distance was a big adjustment,” said Henriquez. “I was getting pain all over my body and I wondered if it was a good idea. … But, by the end of the year, I started to like it.”

As the pain subsided, Henriquez also started to improve and, by the end of the season, had worked herself up to the Panthers’ No. 3 runner.

Not satisfied, Henriquez decided to come to tryouts this year better prepared, so she ran six days a week during the summer. The results have been dramatic.

From the start, Henriquez established herself as PMA’s No. 1 runner and she has finished first in five dual meets with times well over a minute faster than last year. She is a whopping two minutes faster on her home course.

She had a breakout race the week before last, establishing herself as one of the top runners in the Commonwealth Conference, when she bested the field at Greater Lawrence, beating Reggies’ standouts Nilsa Sosa and Suheiry Pereyra, both of whom had placed first in dual meets.

“I was nervous because I heard they were really good,” said Henriquez. “I was thinking ‘can I do this?’ Beating them gave me a big boost.”

If the summer running helped, Henriquez also continues to get a boost with memories from last year’s captain, Maria Splaine.

“She had a great story, how she overcame cancer and she said I looked like a really good runner,” said Henriquez. “She’s inspired me a lot to run my best.”

Also a varsity basketball and softball player, who lettered in both sports as a freshman, Henriquez had a simple goal for her sophomore season.

“My top goal was to be known at PMA and to get known in the Eagle-Tribune,” she said.
Consider it done.

Eric Tang, ’16: A National Merit Scholar

Eric Tang, ’16, has been named a Commended Student in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program. A letter of Commendation from PMA and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), which conducts the program, will be presented by Rose Maria Redman, PMA Head of School, to Eric.

About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Although they will not continue in the 2016 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended Students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2016 competition by taking the 2014 SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).

“The young men and women being named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success, “commented a spokesperson for NMSC. ”These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation. We hope that this recognition will help broaden their educational opportunities and encourage them as they continue their pursuit of academic success.”

Congratulations, Eric. We are proud of your achievement!